Merces Consulting Group is now ElementOne!

Our purpose is to help organizations do right by their people while maximizing team performance.

Valuing your people properly

The ability to achieve your goals is 100% dependent on the people working for your organization. Creating a strong and fair plan for team structure and compensation are fundamental to a successful organization.

Our clients come to us with a number of different “people” circumstances: high turnover, under-performance or a rapidly growing team. Organizations choose us to help maximize team performance while doing right by their people.

Improve team performance and morale

We partner with growth-minded leaders to maximize team potential through strategic compensation and team structure consulting. We provide:

Who we serve

FQHCs & Health Care

The health center industry is evolving, with growth-minded leaders striving to run their organization like a business while also taking great care of their people. We help make that goal a reality.  In addition to providing our traditional consulting services, we also bring a team of experienced health center consultants to address health center operational issues and concerns.

Membership Organizations

Our partnership with trade and professional membership organizations benefits both the associations and their members.  We help our association clients manage their internal structures and compensation programs, and help them provide valuable market data and other services for their members. 


Pay may be a smaller part of a manufacturers expenses, but people are what makes a manufacturer a success or a failure.  Organizing for effective operations, and ensuring employees at all levels are paid fairly and competitively, is essential to quality and profitability.

Service Sector

If you provide a service, not only are your people essential, they impact every aspect of your organization’s mission.  There is no room for error, whether it is determining how many people in what roles you need, or figuring out how to attract and retain the people you need to be a success.  With experience in nearly every service sector industry, ElementOne knows how to help you succeed.

Our clients