Industries We Serve

ElementOne has served clients from a broad range of industries since the firm’s founding in 1991. We work in both the private and public sectors; with family-owned, privately-held and publicly-traded firms; and with both “for profit” and “non-for-profit” organizations. We have maintained a practice of staying diversified, in large part because we believe that ideas and techniques arise from a wide range of settings; failing to remain aware of what is going on in the broader economy does not serve your best interests.

Over the years we have developed a particular affinity with organizations that have missions that go beyond their own bottom line – whether it is striving for social justice, protecting the environment, improving the community, or doing more than just being “socially responsible.”  If you are an ESOP, a “B” Corporation, a Conscious Capitalist adherent, or any other organization that strives to do more than just “profit,” you’ll find an ally in ElementOne.

After working with a number of clients in an industry segment over time, we have developed areas of specialization in which we are particularly known for our expertise. Within these industry segments we conduct our own research and maintains extensive libraries of competitive data that is at our fingertips when clients need assistance.

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Our home office is in Michigan, but we also have staff in California, Florida, North Carolina and Mississippi.  Take a look below to see where our clients can be found.