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Because we use compensation data every day, ElementOne Consulting knows exactly what to look for – and how to get it. ElementOne provides associations, governmental units, and community organizations with survey administration services ranging from simply analyzing and reporting data to full-service program management that includes sales and distribution of surveys.

In addition to working with our survey partners, we have our own survey program through which we have collected information on compensation and benefits in the state of Michigan for over 25 years. To support our FQHC Practice, ElementOne has begun a series of nationwide compensation surveys which will include state and local surveys in conjunction with state primary care associations.

Our Survey Programs

Compensation, health and welfare benefits, HR policies, productivity – all critical, and only sound data can drive intelligent improvements. In addition to the surveys conducted for our survey partners, ElementOne conducts surveys in support of our consulting practice.  Currently these surveys focus on the general industry in the state of Michigan and compensation practices in the community health center industry.

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We typically conduct compensation surveys in the spring and benefits and HR practices surveys in the fall.  Contact us by phone or email to learn how you can participate, or purchase one of our surveys. Learn more on the “Our Survey Program” page, or check the Contact page for details on how to reach us!

FQHC Compensation Surveys

Having worked with Federally Qualified Health Centers for more than 25 years, ElementOne consultants are familiar with the currently available sources of competitive compensation data and have designed a new, comprehensive program to provide value for the industry.

Custom Crafted Surveys

Knowledge is power, and viable data can provide the foundation for building an effective, attractive work environment.  ElementOne can provide your organization new and exciting research services, help upgrade your existing programs, or simply allow you to outsource a project that might drain your staff’s or volunteers’ precious time. In many cases the data collected for your industry, or for your community, is the only credible source of information on compensation and benefit levels and trends.

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