ElementOne Consulting Services

ElementOne’s focus is on optimizing an organization’s workforce – designing and measure the effectiveness of structures, building programs that recognize the value of every team member’s contributions, and ensuring that organizations have the tools they need to understand their actual capacity to achieve their missions



ElementOne brings “best practice” techniques to each client assignment, creating and implementing programs that will support the recruitment, retention, and engagement of the staff you need to achieve your mission.  We can help you:

  • shape a compensation philosophy to guide the development of programs;
  • implement programs to ensure opportunities for each job are tied to how each job contributes to organization success, and how each individual’s contribution is properly reflected in pay;
  • not only understand the competitiveness of your programs, but the very nature of the labor market and how it affects your ability to recruit and retain the people you need; and
  • develop incentive approaches that can actually work.

The result of our work with your organization will be fair and equitable pay programs, free of any appearance of bias and discrimination, compliant with rules and regulations as well as best business practices.



Organization success requires constant vigilance: Is mission fulfillment still driving our plans and structures as we adapt to a changing marketplace? Are we structured correctly?  Together, we revisit your mission and:

  • build a structure that positions employees to achieve your organization’s core objectives;
  • assess the development and performance of employees to see how many “full capacity employees” you have, rather than how many are “full time employees’;
  • objectively analyze organizational capacity, identifying areas for improvement and reinvesting in the right people.

Using a “blank paper” approach, ElementOne will help you take a step back from “what is” to “what needs to be,” from the development of senior management teams and roles to improved effectiveness with entry level staff.



FQHC Associates specializes in effective FQHC strategies and partnerships.  Our team of experts brings decades of multi-faceted FQHC experience to a variety of clients in the healthcare industry.