ElementOne Custom Survey Services For Organizations

In the human resource management process, “knowledge is power” is a fundamental truth. With people making the difference between success and failure, and with fewer and fewer qualified individuals available to fill more and more complex positions, organizations must learn to effectively acquire and use the data that will make the difference between a successful hire or retention, or an effective compensation and benefits program. Not only is “economic” data critical, but an understanding of the non-economic and policy provisions of organizations’ human resource management programs is essential to forging a competitive and attractive work environment.

The organizations that have sponsored ElementOne studies continuously report to us that their members find the surveys a valuable member resource and an essential part of their planning processes. Community organizations such as economic development groups or chambers of commerce use surveys to show the hospitable climate for new businesses, or expansion of existing businesses. ElementOne offers your organization new and exciting research services, upgrades to your existing programs, or simply the chance to outsource a project that might drain your staff’s or volunteers’ precious time. In many cases the data collected for your industry, or for your community, might be the only credible source of information on compensation and benefit levels and trends.