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ElementOne continually updates its database of information on the IRS Form 990 filings of more than 1,100 Federally Qualified Health Centers and FQHC “Look-Alikes” required to submit this information.  Periodically ElementOne prepares a report with this data, including information on health center performance and executive compensation.  Detailed analysis of executive compensation governance practices is also included.

This comprehensive survey report examines the practices of the participants, which represent all independent health centers that file the Form 990. Findings for the current (2020) report include:

  • Employment costs, including base pay and benefits, account for an average of 65% of expenses, with a “middle 50%” range of 60% to 71%
  • Less than three percent (2.6%) of health centers report all the elements of a “best practice” CEO compensation governance program, and a staggering 20% do not report executive compensation is approved by the Board of Directors or an appropriate committee.
  • Average base pay for a health center CEO is just under $222,000 – incentive compensation of about 4.4% of base salary raises “total cash compensation” to just under $254,000.  Other taxable and non-taxable compensation brings the “total direct compensation” to an average of about $281,000.

The report is available in Adobe .pdf format.  Order today to secure your copy.


  • Data on 1,145 FQHCs and Look-Alikes
  • Overall results and six revenue groups
  • Employment data including a “predictor formula”
  • Financial performance data
  • Compensation governance
  • Compensation for five executive roles, including clinicians


2020 Edition:


Download and complete the 2017 FQHC Survey Order Form and return it by Email to or by Fax to (248) 507-6116.

For questions regarding ordering surveys, contact Linda Budd at 248-507-4670 x 304

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