A message from the President

Why do we call ourselves ElementOne? Because the first element on the periodic table, hydrogen, is the most important element – it’s the building block of the universe. Since people are the building blocks of your organization and foundational to your success, our name is only fitting.

Our focus is on the people in your organization. Their performance and morale are fundamental to achieving everything you’re aiming for. 

We believe that margin and mission go hand-in-hand. That the most effective leaders take care of their people, achieve pay equity, and have a plan to maximize their teams’ capacity.

If you are a leader aiming to do right by your people and maximize performance, we can’t wait to hear from you.


Edmund B. Ura
Founder & President
ElementOne Consulting

Our purpose is to help organizations do right by their people while maximizing team performance.

Our Team

  • Edmund Ura, MAIR, JD President & Senior Consultant

    As the firm’s strategic leader, Ed brings over three decades of compensation and team structure consulting experience. His wealth of knowledge and strategic insight directly influences the success of the organizations that ElementOne partners with.

  • Lesa M. Peterson, MA Vice President & Senior Consultant

    Lesa manages ElementOne’s compensation work with FQHCs in the Southeast Region of the U.S. and its FQHC consulting division. She is responsible for a wide range of client support including health center governance, compliance, compensation, and organizational design.


  • Erin Roberts Consultant and Consulting Services Manager

    Erin has a sharp and strategic mind that allows her to quickly earn the respect and trust of ElementOne clients across a variety of industries. With a degree in biomedical science, and a background in both HR and customer service, she is a valuable advisor to ElementOne clients.

  • Emily Boehm Consultant

    A seasoned collaborator in both small and large organizational settings, Emily excels in creating innovative solutions that not only enhance business outcomes but also prioritize the well-being and cohesion of teams. She firmly believes that fostering a robust company culture is integral to attracting and retaining top talent while motivating them to achieve their best.

  • Steven D. Weinman FQHC Consultant

    Steve brings decades of FQHC senior management and consulting expertise to client assignments.  He is a national expert in topics including finance, operations, managed care, It and governance, and a well-known speaker in the FQHC community.

  • Kristen L. Abreu
    Kristen L. Abreu Consultant

    Kristen brings extensive prior professional experience working at a health center as well as in consulting, and excels in providing a broad range of services to FQHCs and Look-Alikes, including grant-writing, research studies and report creation.

  • Linda M. Budd, CCP Survey Manager & Consultant

    Linda brings more than 30 years of experience in compensation consulting and management with a strong healthcare background.  She is a dedicated partner to clients, striving to deeply understand and support leadership and staff throughout the whole process.


  • Eriana Ura-Smith Lead Data Analyst

    Eriana carefully collects, reviews and analyzes every piece of data in ElementOne surveys that help clients and survey respondents to make informed, strategic decisions about their practices. ElementOne clients benefit greatly from Eriana’s drive to dive deep into their industries and apply best practices to their organizations.

  • Macayla Ura-Smith Data Specialist

    Macayla “Kit” Ura-Smith provides administrative support to the survey practice, ensuring that data received is accurate, survey orders are fulfilled, and systems operate smoothly and efficiently. 

  • Calla D. Lowe Administrative Manager

    As the Administrative Manager with ElementOne, Calla D. Lowe keeps everything running smoothly. Working with executive leadership, Calla streamlines operations, improves processes, and coordinates goals and timelines for maximum efficiency. She is responsible for ensuring the continuity of client projects through scheduling, project management, and client communication.

  • Let me repeat, for the 3rd or 4th time, that I have been totally impressed with the quality of [ElementOne's] work.

  • ElementOne consulting group is like having a senior level compensation director on your staff but at an affordable cost. The expertise provided is a return on investment many times over.

  • We found the ElementOne consulting group's approach to salary schedule management to be thorough, relevant and easy to understand.

  • With the increased scrutiny of executive salaries at not-for-profits, having ElementOne consulting conduct an independent review helped us all sleep better at night.

  • Ed is one of the most professional individuals I have worked with.  His experience, integrity, and expertise is invaluable to the assistance [ElementOne] has contributed to our organization.  His knowledge of CHCs is a welcome resource.  I would recommend him highly.