We are now ElementOne

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Our journey to ElementOne

Every organization need to evolve in order to thrive, and we’re excited to read you in on our journey of evolution to ElementOne.

For thirty years as Merces Consulting, the effectiveness of your workforce has been our business, helping our clients ensure that they have “the right people, in the right jobs, paid the right way.” Nothing happens in your organization without people. Success is directly related to the design and quality of a team.

Today, our strategic direction reflects the greatest value we can provide: Maximizing your team’s potential. So we designed a brand that reflects that strength. We are pleased to announce:

We are now ElementOne

Why ElementOne? Hydrogen, “element one” in the periodic table, is the most important element – it’s the building block of the universe. Because people are the building blocks of your organization and foundational to your success, this name is only fitting.

With the mindset of maximizing your team’s potential, our tools can help you:

  • Understand your team’s current capacity to meet its mission, and how your pay models support or impeded capacity
  • Optimize organizational structures to match your ever-changing mission
  • Assess the effectiveness of your pay budget, identify efficiencies, and find resources to fund attractive and competitive pay opportunities
  • Directly tie pay to employee development, putting pay in the hands of employees while being fiscally responsible

Timing is everything

You might think the middle of a pandemic is an interesting time to launch a new brand (as well as becoming a completely virtual firm), but we are excited because to us, it’s the perfect time.

COVID has taught everyone a lot about our organizations, created challenges, and raised many of questions. One question you can lean on us to answer is: What does my team need in order to thrive? With us, you’ll be better positioned to achieve your mission when you emerge “on the other side.”

Edmund B. Ura
President of ElementOne, Inc.