Welcome Back Linda Budd!

 In Business

Linda Budd has returned to the staff at ElementOne, Inc. after leaving 15 years ago to focus on family life. She maintained her skills during this time by dabbling in free-lance consulting work out of her home office in Rochester Hills, Michigan. Linda is a woman of all trades. She is a professional worker, mother, daughter, friend, and wife.

Linda has over 25 years of experience in employee compensation and Human Resources, primarily in the healthcare and consulting sectors. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Walsh College, and received her Certified Compensation Professional status while working at The Wyatt Company (now Towers Watson).

Since Linda previously worked with Edmund Ura at ElementOne many years ago, they have kept in touch with each other through lunches and social networking sites. She enjoyed working with Edmund Ura when the firm was Management Resource Center, and thinks he is a good boss and teacher. Linda officially reconnected with Ed through LinkedIn, and the next day Ed hired her to work part-time as a Consulting Specialist at the firm. As a Consulting Specialist, Linda serves as an integral piece of the firm by helping out with aspects of various compensation and survey projects. One of her main objectives is to learn as much as she can from him and others to be a valuable asset to the firm.

Initially, Linda was attracted to the relaxed, yet hard-working atmosphere at ElementOne, Inc. as well as the flexibility offered. She is most looking forward to working with new people and being a part of a team. Linda is eager to reconnect with old clients in addition to getting to know new ones in unfamiliar industries. She is excited to face new challenges that may arise as she gets reacquainted with the new work environment as well as for the new move to Washington Square Building and the opportunity to explore the cultural events, restaurants, and nightlife offered by downtown Royal Oak.

Linda has two grown daughters, Rachel and Charlotte, and an adorable Maltese poodle named Tobey T. In her free time, Linda enjoys reading true crime novels, such as those written by author Ann Rule, a retired police officer who worked side-by-side with Ted Bundy for many years without recognizing his true persona. She is fascinated by the human psyche, and why people think the way that they do. She is also fond of autobiographies, including those by Diane Keaton and Mimi Alford, who recently came out to expose her long-time affair with President John F. Kennedy.

She also gardens, cooks delicious chili, volunteers at the Detroit Institute of Art, and does yoga when she is not caring for her children and dog, working hard at ElementOne, and tending to her beloved husband. The three words she uses to describe herself are loyal, dependable and fun.

We are very excited to have her on board and contributing to the firm’s success!