Let ElementOne explain what your strategic plans will require you to do

First a clear vision
An organization cannot know how it should operate until it knows what it is, and where it is going. Organization design efforts depend on a clear vision of the destination. Organizations undertake strategic planning in several ways, sometimes doing the work themselves, other times bringing in their regular advisors, and in some cases bringing in outside specialists.

The very nature of strategic planning helps re-direct or clarify priorities, which almost always means change. That usually entails a change in organizational structure. Sometimes this is minor, but more often it requires change to the people in the jobs, particularly at senior management levels. When organizations fail to realize that the people currently in place are either incapable of or unwilling to make the necessary changes, strategic planning efforts are often derailed.

Impact on compensation and succession
Changes to structures and to people usually call for changes to compensation programs. A change in direction sometimes also alters the nature of competitors and markets. Growth almost inevitably requires more costly compensation structures; organizations must recognize not just desired changes in strategy but also their potential cost. On several occasions, ElementOne consultants have shown organizations that the changes they were considering would have such significant compensation implications as to make them unrealistic.

Strategic change often necessitates succession planning. And it’s not just about the CEO. Good succession planning means determining how an organization expects to fill every role in its organizational structure. Strategic planning can be thwarted by structures and directions that preclude effective succession planning.

How we can help you
ElementOne consultants can be your “guiding force” or take a more supportive role. Perhaps our most effective role is to point out the organizational and human resources impacts of the directions you are considering. Too often, strategic planning results in unrealistic expectations or objectives that cannot be met in the current structure. Working with ElementOne allows you to understand the implications of your plans while there is still time to adapt and modify them.

We maintain ongoing relationships with a number of qualified firms and individuals engaged in strategic planning efforts and works collaboratively with them to meet your strategic planning needs.